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HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) is a term used to describe a wide assortment of different size trucks and Lorries. As there is such a wide variety of HGV, the list of lorry insurance 2016 options is also very wide and varied. As each of these different policies need to be studied in depth if the correct one is to be selected, many HGV owners are now turning to specialists to find the correct insurance for them. Although any insurance company may offer HGV insurance of one type or another, the actual details and prices of those policies may vary greatly and so one particular company’s policy may not be the best for you. Obviously taking a look at several different companies’ policies would take an extraordinary amount of time, especially as the insurance companies like to include a lot of confusing small print. The specialists though, are usually ex-insurance company employees and so they are very familiar with the complicated terminologies used by the insurance companies plus, they are also familiar with many of the different companies, already knowing the ones which offer the best policies for different circumstances. Therefore by using an insurance specialist that specializes in HGV insurance, you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort and in many cases, also money.

Obviously your vehicle will have to be insured and the actual policy you get will very much depend on the size of your truck and also the type of freight you intend to haul and can also be affected by the ages of the drivers you employ. Although the primary responsibility for insuring the freight will rest with either the sender or the receiver, you will certainly want to ensure that any instances of loss, damage or delays that could be associated to you, are covered by adequate insurance coverage.

With the amount of international transportation going on throughout Europe today, it is also important to ensure that any insurance cover you do get, is valid for all the countries that your truck may have to drive in in the course of making their correct deliveries. Insurance policies may be higher if you intend to carry hazardous loads that are perhaps more dangerous or in fact for perishable goods haulage as deadlines for delivery are especially vital. This is probably an area where the different insurance requirements in different countries may vary the most.

Although you can of course opt to just use an insurance company which is handy, located close to your business, you should remember that just because they may offer you the best policy, it will be the best policy that they have to offer as they certainly will not recommend you going to a rival company, even if that rival offers better terms. The specialist HGV insurance finders though, have no loyalties to any one insurance company and so can review and recommend the best policy available for your needs, regardless of which insurance company is offering it.

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