The Job Of An Air Freight Agent

A cargo that is sent from one destination involves a lot of people making sure that it reaches its destination in time. Transporting the cargo through sea or air to and from the same country or worldwide is the main job of a freight agent. Aside from this main duty they can also be responsible in directing the freights into their proper destinations, assembling cargo and fixing the space where the shipment should be placed, talking to clients and booking their requests. Preparing documents that are needed, informing those who ship through them that the package is delayed when it really is, unloading inbound freight.

Freight Agent Specialization

The different freight agents 2016 batch can specialize in different cargo such as clothing, frozen goods, or perishables. Each of the agents have their own rules when it comes to transporting of the cargo and they shall be followed. It is also the role of the freight agent to prevent the import or export of illegal or prohibited goods. Aside from the list of goods that can be shipped, It is possible for additional shipping costs to be charged to their clients when the maximum weight allowed is surpassed by the bag they are trying to ship.

Door To Door Delivery

There are many freight forwarders that are now able to pick up whatever the clients would like to send them take it to the pace where it is should be delivered. Client’s do not need to be disturbed and have to travel to the office of freight forwarders because they can simply select the service they want online or through the phone and wait for one of your employees to arrive.

Time Sensitive Shipments

There are clients who would want to make sure that their package will arrive at its destination quickly. This can be done by making use of air freights. The agents who will be assisting clients in this kind of service are also in charge of these.

In The Right Condition

When products or packages are shipped out, the sellers or producers also expect that those will arrive in perfect condition. They have high hopes for freight companies and they think that it can be done. Items can either be picked up or delivered right through the client’s doorstep but ensuring the safety and well condition of the package should be preserved.

Provider Of Pertinent Information

The different freight agents are also responsible in providing clients with the information that they need. They can answer the price that you have to pay for sending out a box, they can also provide clients with information that will help track where the package is already in, the date items will arrive and other ways to track the items. For those who will go for a freight service, it is important to make sure that you know the dimensions and weight of the cargo you are to spend. This can help the agent be able to compute the price of the shipment immediately.

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